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Shame-Proof your


There you are, just living life. when you see this cool, shiny, new thing you have to try.

It is guaranteed to give you the peace you always wanted, the body you always wanted, the relationship you always wanted, the business you always wanted.

AND your bestie/the person you kinda-ish follow on Instagram said it was their lifesaver and source of all things good.

Screenshot 2022-03-06 115226_edited.png

The kicker is you have to do it consistently for it to be the thing that changes your life forever.

This could be a problem.

In the past when you've tried to turn a behavior (a thing you do sometimes) into a habit (a thing you do pretty much without thinking), you've ended up failing and then spiraling down a loop of shame.

Chelsea Verrette
Behavior & Habits Nerd
and Coach

Avoid the spiral with the

4 Questions for Building Shame-Proof Habits


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