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You're becoming more aware of how your habits

(and how you think about them) impact you

and you're ready to stop the shame-spiral
& change your habits.

I am SO EXCITED to get to do this with you!

Check your email for a welcome message from me 🎉

See you soon!


What you get:

🥳 12 x 60 minute group sessions to review our progress, share our challenges, and encourage each other (valued at $2200)

🥳 Each session covers a topic to help you shame-proof your habits

🥳 A personalized strategy for your habits

🥳 Clarity on how to align your habits to your values


🥳 An emotionally and psychologically safe environment to build relationships 

🥳 Lifetime access to the larger Shame-Proof Habits community -  A group of like-minded humans working towards their goals together

🥳 First dibs on limited access programs (book clubs, workshops, cohorts)


🎉 Priority access to me between sessions for follow-ups and questions

🎉Personalized habit audit (valued at $300)

🎉Free access to Coworker for a Day program for the length of the cohort (valued at $34/mo)

Total: $2,602

Current Price: $1,497 or $499 x 3

 Pay in full upon registration OR pay in 3 installments of $499


Answers to (most of) your questions


When does the cohort meet?

Because the groups are so small, each cohort will decide on a time/day that works best for the group. 


Once you apply, I will follow up with you and ultimately create cohorts with people I feel like will best fit together. 


What if I can't attend live?

The nature of the group is the ability to be vulnerable & open. We do not record the sessions, but we can fill you in!


Can you guarantee results?

You're an amazing human, but like everything else in life, I can't guarantee you anything. If you do enroll and decide this isn't for you, you have 30 days to ask for a full refund. No weirdness - just ask. I want you to be successful, whatever that looks like for you, with this cohort or not.


How much time am I committing?

We meet once a week for 12 weeks in 60 minute sessions. This is the only "required" time. During the week you can participate in the community, message me directly, or work on assignments as you please.


Will this change my life?

Going for the cliché here - Programs can't change your life, but you can. I'm here to empower you through community, tools, & discussions as you take on big things in your life. Because you're WORTH IT & everything is better in community.


I don't have time/can't afford this right now. Can I participate next time?

The more cohorts go through the program, the more the price increases, so there is definitely value in jumping in to the earlier sessions. But if now is not your time - no need to force it. Fill out the application & stay in touch for the next one!

When you join a cohort, you get instant & lifetime access to the larger community

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Hi, I'm

I believe building & sustaining habits

should feel AWESOME not overwhelming.

Ready for some relief?

Get started with the

4 Questions for Building Shame-Proof Habits


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