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For every human resurrecting themselves. For the humans who will never be buried.

👆 I changed up the dedication from Untamed a bit to beautifully sum up why I took on my fear.

Sounds beautiful, right? But wait...

💀 In order to resurrect, there has to be death. 💀

The thing about being dead is sometimes we don't even know we are. ☠

We look alive, but we feel:

😣 Like there is something more for us

😶 Like we can't say what we really want to say

😩 Like we can't remember why we started living this way in the first place

😕 Like we are more powerful than we allow ourselves to be

😯 Like we have more to give to others

What is step #1 in the process of getting out of the those feelings?

What did facing that fear look like? 👇

👉 No longer ignoring how I was feeling

👉 Allowing myself to dig into why I was feeling that way

👉 Thinking about the consequences if I kept letting my life go in that direction

It also looked like 👇

🔥 Building support around me

🔥 Taking action

🔥 Owning the choices I was making that were bringing BIG changes for myself and others in my life

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Fine. I'm not truly living.💀
Now what.

Now I grab the hands of other humans who 👇

❤ Might be ready to admit they are 💀

❤ Are ready to resurrect themselves

❤ and want to pave a new path so others will never be buried

Want to be a part of it?

Join me live October 12th at 6pm CST where we'll talk about

❤ How to stop ignoring how you feel

❤ What living empowered looks like

❤ How to build support around you

❤ How to make your fear an actionable task

You're in! What's a little fear??

When you save your spot, you will receive emails from me. Don't need another email in your box? Unsubscribe without hard feelings. 

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