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Hey! I found you!

...or did you find me??

Either way, HERE WE ARE!

Which means that you are ready to

live your life empowered. 💪

Maybe your story sounds like mine

My old beliefs pretty much just reminded me everyday to not question things - even when they didn't feel right.


Making myself smaller & quieter to fit into what I felt like other people wanted to see.

This led me down a path of anxiety,

depression, and overall suckyness.


Enter thoughts of rebellion.

🔥 Rebellion - the action or process of resisting

authority, control, or convention.

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White Background

Let's zoom in on your life for a sec

🔍 Think of your daily habits.

🔍 Think of how you define success.

🔍 Think of your communication strategies.

🔍 Think of how you define failure and success.

🔍 Think of how you talk to yourself.

🔍 Think of your values.

All of these make up the 📦 you live out of.

Now that you have all of that in your 🧠, I have a ❓ (or 3...)

❓ Did you form these things or were they formed for you?

❓ When was the last time you stopped and asked WHY you do things/think of things the way you do?

❓ Are you empowered by the 📦 you are living out of?

I started asking myself these questions more intentionally and found that I didn't like the answers. ❌

Too many things were built for me, didn't fit right, and I just accepted them due to convention and the control I let others have over me.

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Is this you?
What if you lived empowered?

What if you had more confidence to take on your goals & stronger communication strategies?

What if that sentence didn't describe you anymore?

Let's talk about what your life could look like if you took on that big goal.

Click to download.

If your life sucks. ruin it.
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The coloring pages that remind you #itsfine

Coloring Pages

Affirmations, meditations, & positive energy.

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A community of amazing humans. Starting January 2022.

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The series where we celebrate our unqualifications.

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