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01/23/2021 - LIVE with James Laurain - Death to STEM | #wcgwLIVE

This quick summary of ☠Death to STEM☠ made me giggle 😅


I think if you're truly following inquiry-based learning, you can't do that inside of a STEM specific setting.

Is that what you're getting at with your words? 🤷‍♀️


👩‍🏫 Yes. You have the all the right teacher words. So that's good.

James Laurain is a GIF master, loves sharing educational stories within 1300 charachters or less on LinkedIn. And he can explain high-tech to his mom.

Join as as we talk about the following, and many other stuff in between: - Why education system is in a dire need of a long-due overhaul

- Role of parents in selection of their child's education

- Safe choice versus interest-led education degrees

- Exposing children to opportunities, and encouraging them to pursue their choice

Watch it where you are on:

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