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02/19/2021 - LIVE with Alfonso Mendoza Jr - Augmenting the Reality of Education | #wcgwLIVE

Assessment systems are great, right?

My guest this episode is Alfonso Mendoza Jr.

Who is he, you may ask? He’s an instructional technologist, and a Google Innovator. An avid lover of all things augmented reality. He loves sharing his passion for education and education technology on his podcast called My EdTech Life. Where he also connects with people around the world.

He has a BBA in Marketing, a Masters in Educational/Instructional Technology, and currently pursuing his Doctorate from The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley.

Join us we talk about:

- Augmented Learning

- Imposter Syndrome

- Embracing New Technologies in Changing Educational Landscape

- Multimodal Learning

- Dire Need of Updating Education System to Match Current & Future Needs

- Some Examples of Augmented Reality (AR) Technologies in Use Today

Connect with me at:

- 🎥 YouTube: Lealyn Growth - YouTube

- Facebook: Lealyn Growth

With Alfonso Mendoza Jr at:

- 📸 Instagram: My EdTech Life

- 🎥 YouTube: My EdTech Life - YouTube

- Twitter: My EdTech Life

- Facebook: EdTech Teacher

Watch it where you are on: YouTube | LinkedIn

You can also listen to it at:

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