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Teaching Your Children to Run a Business - Raising Financial Freedom Podcast

Eric and I talk about how I am empowering my daughter to go after what interests her.

The Raising Financial Freedom Podcast

Teach your children how to run a business

Today, I am lucky to have Chelsea Robberson on the show. She empowers school and education-related business leaders to evaluate processes, set strategic goals, and propel their mission forward. Chelsea is passionate about disrupting the status-quo of education through whatever avenue she can and pushing forward the mission of others with this same thinking.

Chelsea has been a salaried employee forever. Now, she has switched from salary to an entrepreneurial lifestyle. However, from the heart, Chelsea is a teacher. She loves it when students find a new concept and get to explore it. Teaching is about helping students find the next exciting piece of the puzzle and extend their curiosity.

Then, Chelsea reveals which aspects of personal finance she teaches her daughter. Chelsea’s daughter decided that she wanted to start a business. On Monday’s they do a strategic planning session. Chelsea’s daughter wrote a business plan during these meetings and even presented it to their investor (an uncle).

Later, Chelsea explains the importance of having a healthy relationship with money. Her daughter has realized that money is a tool, and it’s all about how you use it. Chelsea’s daughter has an account with gohenry; it helps her learn about good money habits through this unique debit card app. Overall, Chelsea’s daughter has learned how to plan for money, what a savings account is, and how a debit card works.

Tune in as Chelsea speaks about the frustrating side of teaching personal finances and how she implements financial conversations in her consulting work at Lealyn Growth.

  • “In the biggest sense, I want my daughter to have a healthy relationship with money.”

  • “Money is a tool; it’s all about how you use it.”

  • “Money is a tangible piece that we talk about openly.”

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