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Believing you are alone is the best way to stay stuck.

Without community, we convince ourselves that change is impossible, hope isn't real, and that we are alone in our experience.

Community is a reminder of what is possible.

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And there is A LOT that is possible.

Want to walk around a world of possibilities?

Check out The World of Life Ruiners.

What is it?? What can I expect??

🦄 Kind of like an interactive website 

🦄 You have an avatar that you control and can walk around the digital space

🦄 You may be the only one in the world or there may be others

🦄 Your camera and microphone turn on by default, you can turn them off and walk around the world without being seen or heard

🦄 If you choose, you can interact with others if you are close to them

What will this digital space be used for?

🦄 Live show after parties

🦄 Book club

🦄 Group or 1-to-1 coaching in private spaces

🦄 A place to explore what is going on in the Ruin Your Life Coaching universe

🦄 Find new events to attend

Affirmations, meditations, & positive energy.

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Personal & Group Empowerment Coaching

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The series where we celebrate our unqualifications.

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