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I changed my life.

A package arrived from a friend.

A book I never read by an author I never heard of.

I had no idea how the conversation on those pages would light a fire in me.

What happened next?

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And now I want to keep the conversation going with you.


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"You are not crazy.
You are a gd cheetah."

Glennon Doyle

The book opens with a story of a cheetah in captivity.

She does what she is supposed to do, what she is trained to do, very well. 

Everyone applauds and adores her for her tricks. 

Though she can't quite pull away from the nagging feeling that she was made for something more than what she was trained to to.

Is she crazy? Or is she built for more?

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Cheetah in Nature
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Is this for me?

🔍 Are you a woman, man, or non-binary human?

🔍 Do you feel like you are meant for more?

🔍 Do you feel stuck?

🔍 Are you looking for a community of others with the same mindset?

🔍 Do you want to live empowered?

🔍 Do you want a deeper understanding of your habits, why you do them, and how to change them?

Yep. Sounds like you.

15 sixety-minute LIVE book club conversations with like-minded humans ready to start asking questions instead of accepting what other people tell us we should be doing.

  • Access to the private community

  • Invitation to members only book clubs before they begin

  • Create connections with people through real conversations

  • Learn more about yourself in an emotionally-safe space

  • 15 sixety-minute group sessions $399 total (+ your purchase of the book)

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